Committee and Judges

Committee and Judges - 2020

In 2020, BIEA looks forward to see many more STEM and ecological experts in joining us to judge the "STEM the Tide of Plastic Pollution" Competition!

Members of our 2020 Committee and Judging team include (Sorted by alphabetical order of surname, subject to change):

Gareth Bullock

Gareth is BIEA's President. He joined the board of the British Council as its trustee for from 2012, officially retired in November 2018. During his six-year tenure, his extensive financial strategy expertise was invaluable to the council, assisting the executive team on the council’s delivery of financial objectives. He helped to formulate its commercial strategy, especially in development in the international arena. Gareth has held numerous board positions in a wide range of multinational organisations around the world.

Rick Chandler

Rick is the Chair of Communications Management Association (CMA) who has 30+ years of experience in global companies in the Telecommunications, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Aerospace and Government sectors. He is active in Mentoring and works with the UCL IDEALondon Post Accelerator including their TRIANGLE 5G Testbed.

Prof. Maria Charalambides

Maria is a Professor in Mechanics of Materials in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London. Her published research includes material modelling and mechanical characterisation of soft polymeric solids and specifically foods, micromechanics models of particulate filled polymeric composites as well as cellular structures, experimental and numerical modelling of industrial food processes such as rolling, extrusion and cutting, development of inverse indentation methods material characterisation of polymers, and fracture and deformation in paint and adhesive coatings.

Chris Coode

Chris is the Deputy Chief and Head of Education and Training at Thames 21. He worked as the Education Coordinator at the London Aquarium, and he has worked as a warden on marine wildlife reserves along the coast of Dorset and Cornwall.

Jane Dowden

Jane is the Education Innovations Manager for the British Science Association with previous experience working for Inspire! and as the Learning Resource Coordinator for the London Science Museum.

Dr. Shaun Fitzgerald

Shaun is an academic and business leader, he is the Director of the Royal Institution (Ri). He is a Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor at the Cambridge University’s Department of Engineering, and a Teaching Fellow in Engineering at Girton College.

Prof. Jason Hallett

Jason is the Professor of Sustainable Chemical Technology at the Imperial College London. He has authored over 90 articles and holds 4 patents. His current research interests involve the solvation behaviour of ionic liquids and the use of ionic liquids in the production of lignocellulosic biofuels, sustainable chemical feedstocks, vaccine manufacturing and waste recycling (particularly for metal-contaminated solid materials).

David Hanson

David is BIEA's STEM Chairman and is an influential senior education expert. He is the Founder of the iTrust charity and former CEO of the UK Independent Association of Prep Schools IAPS, UK Ofsted Inspector and Director of Education, Academic Director of United Learning Trust charity, Chairman of the UK Association of Education Assessment Inspectors and Advisers, CEO of the Teaching Awards Trust and Editor in Chief of the British Curriculum and Assessment Journal.

Dr. Alex Holmes

Alex is a BIEA International STEM Youth Innovation Competition designer with over 20 years of  experience in teaching and STEM teacher training. She received a 2015 National Science Teaching Award for her contribution to STEM education, has spoken at many international conferences on increasing engagement in STEM and has also authored several STEM school books.

Raul Quesada

Raul is a Senior Research Associate at the Materials Chemistry Centre, UCL. His current research focuses on semiconductor photochemistry.

Dr. Lynda White

Lynda is Principal Teaching Fellow in Experimental Design in the Department of Mathematics at the Imperial College London. Her research interests are in Experimental Design and she has designed numerous experiments for other departments in the College.