The British International Education Association (BIEA) welcomed a royal visit from the Duchess of Cornwall on 19th February at its head office at the Granville Centre in London. Despite the heavy rain, Camila, 72 appeared in high spirit as she toured the Centre speaking to staff working on a number of community and education projects.

15 Jan 2020 (London, UK) – The British International Education Association (BIEA) brought together experts in plastic recycling, coastal marine science and waterway conservation to discuss the issue of plastic pollution at a half-day conference at London’s Royal Institution.   An international audience made up of STEM experts, industry professionals, representatives from the Chinese and Polish embassies in London and numerous educators from the UK, China, Venezuela and Nigeria listened to

The BIEA is delighted to announce that the University of Northampton is on board as a partner for our 2020 STEM conference and competition: STEM (Stop) the Tide of Plastic Pollution. We are proud to join forces with them in our endeavour to quell the growing plastic problem that our oceans face, and to provide

The 2019 China International Plastics Recycling Exhibition and the 22nd China Plastics Recycling Conference (ChinaReplas2019) was held this week in Suzhou International Expo Centre on 7th – 8th November. The conference, which brought together over 130 exhibitors, was supported by the China Synthetic Resin Association, China Scrap Plastic Association, and the European Association of Plastics

China Soong Ching Ling Science and Culture Centre for Young People Joins BIEA in Developing STEM Education across China British International Education Association (BIEA) is pleased to announce a partnership with Soong Ching Ling Science and Culture Centre for Young People (SCLSCC) on the BIEA 2020 International STEM Youth Innovation Competition. The competition aims to

25 October, Beijing, China. British International Education Association (BIEA) & China Plastics Reuse and Recycling Association (CPRRA) announced joint strategic partnership in the effort of encouraging young people to develop solutions tackling plastic pollution through STEM. An MoU for the partnership was signed by David Hanson, STEM Chairman of BIEA and Ms Nanqing Jiang, Secretary-General

We are delighted to announce the 2020 BIEA competition theme “SOS – Stem (Stop) The Tide of Plastic Pollution.” As plastic pollution along water- and shorelines is one of the most pressing environmental problems that the world is currently facing, the 2020 BIEA competition will ask teams of school students to come up with innovative

On 3 September 2019, the British International Education Association was delighted to present the ‘Best Participation Award’ to Team Eagles from CEDEC International Secondary School Nigeria for their impressive effort at the annual BIEA International STEM Youth Innovation Competition. The team missed the grand final due to a string of passport and visa issues, but

The BIEA 2019 International STEM Youth Innovation Competition ended at the RAF museum with the finals being held on the 4th of July. Twenty-eight finalists from the UK, USA, India, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland and others competed. Embassy officials, STEM experts, educational and industrial representatives witnessed the judging and participated in the awards ceremony. Professor

On the 4th of July, the six-month long BIEA 2019 International STEM Youth Innovation Competition, held at the London Royal Air Force Museum, came to a close. The intense competition included display demonstration, evaluation and flying. The winners of the grand prize and the champion of the 15-17-year age group were the UWCIM team from

School children from around the world scooped some of the top awards at the finals of a major international STEM competition in London on 4th July where they showcased their ideas on how they would use drones to conserve endangered species. Teams from the Silver Oaks International School (age 9-11 category) and Visakha Valley School

The BIEA 2019 International STEM Youth Innovation Competition finalists showed their works at The Big Bang London Science and Innovation Exhibition held in Kingsway College in Westminster, UK on 3rd July 2019. Being a part of this year’s science and technology innovation exhibition and a part of the final of the competition, these finalists have

The final of the BIEA 2019 International STEM Youth Innovation Competition will be held in London, UK on 4th July. On the eve of the final, the super-strong judging panel composed of many famous experts and scholars in the field of science and innovation in the UK will gather together at the Royal Air Force

The 2019 International STEM Competition, organised by the British International Education Association (BIEA), will be held on July 4. For this annual competition of science and innovation, all the staff and expert consultants of BIEA are making every effort to bring the best competition experience to the science and innovation talents that are coming from

On June the 4th the teams competing in the BIEA International STEM Youth Innovation Competition submitted their video presentations. Among the many teams submitting very imaginative projects is Chester International School from the UK. Chester International operates a paperless educational approach. All teaching activities are carried out on the student’s laptops and they are equipped with

With the rapid development of science and technology and the pace of globalisation, the requirements for talent in the future world are being constantly refreshed. The concept of STEM education has been around for a substantial time but it has never received the global attention as it does today. With the announcement of the final

As a country with a long tradition of innovation  in science and technical instruction with a long history of STEM education and as the host of BIEA 2019 International STEM Youth Innovation Competition, Britain not only leads the number of participating teams in this competition but also has had a remarkable success in the preliminary

With the finalist list announced the BIEA (2019) international youth science and innovation competition the atmosphere continues to intensify with the teams entering the final preparatory stage. The reports submitted in the preliminary contest not only reflect the understanding and cognition of each team of aspects of scientific innovation, but also represents the level that

One of the results of organising this competition, amongst others, is the quality of illustration and drawing exhibited by the school teams across the age groups. The drawings of the distribution of snow leopards and maps of China submitted by the Hangzhou World Foreign Language school in the 9-11 age group are charming (above). What

BIEA was impressed with the entries submitted for the first round of the competition. It was obvious that many teams had worked hard to thoroughly research, design and write up their ideas for saving animal species from extinction. The range of animals was impressive, and we were particularly impressed with entries that included animals relevant

Early today, British International Education Association (BIEA) in association with Born Free Foundation announced the shortlist for BIEA 2019 International STEM Youth Innovation Competition. Since the launch in January 2019, there has been huge interest from schools and teachers from around the world. With the competition reaching 30,000 schools globally, drawing applications from 34 countries

Global warming, disappearing forests, marine pollution, loss of biodiversity …we are facing serious problems of environmental collapse.  What can humans do? The BIEA 2019 International Youth Competition partner and British wildlife conservation charity, the Born Free Foundation, has promoted the use of technology of in animal protection work, helping to facilitate a peaceful coexistence between

At the BIEA STEM Conference in January 2019, Melissa Schiele, Researcher from the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), gave a presentation on the topic ‘Development and assessment of a fixed-wing amphibious UAV for marine megafauna surveys and enforcement’. Melissa pointed out that through modifications of fixed-wing drones, investigation of marine mega-animals could be facilitated, although

At the first STEM Conference of the British International Education Association (BIEA), Dr. Alex Holmes, the designer of the BIEA International STEM Youth Innovation Competition and Head of STEM, gave a presentation entitled: “The Future is Theirs”. She raised some very thought-provoking questions on how we might stimulate and cultivate STEM enthusiasm among young people.

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How can technology innovations help protect animals? In the past century alone, over 90 known species of animal have become extinct and the numbers rise every day that passes. The numbers of animal species in the wild are now only half of what they were 30 years ago and many species are now highly endangered.

The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China showed its support for BIEA’s efforts to combat the growing gap between the number of STEM students graduating and the growing number of STEM jobs needed in vital industries. Minister Counsellor for Education Wang Yongli had the opportunity to speak in front of an assembled audience of

How to engage young people in STEM

Sarah Hedley, the National Skills Lead for Microsoft in the UK took part in the panel discussion on how to engage young people in STEM education during the BIEA STEM Conference on the 15th of January. The event aimed to promote STEM education to young people and try to draw attention to the skills gap that

British Council shows support for BIEA

The British International Education Association was pleased to host members of the British Council during its first STEM Conference on the 15th of January 2019. BIEA has a long history of working closely with the British Council, sharing the goal of exporting the best of British educational practice overseas. Science Advisor: STEM and Public Engagement, Adrian

On the 15th of January 2019, the British International Education Association hosted several members of the Department for International Trade at its first STEM Conference. Aiding BIEA’s to export the best of British education overseas, the Department for International Trade has been set up specifically to deal with British global trade in whatever environment post-Brexit Britain

The British International Education Association united with the Born Free Foundation to sign a partnership contact during the launch event of the second annual BIEA International STEM Youth Innovation Competition on the 15th of January 2019 at the Royal Institution in London. With its background as a leading voice for the protection of animals in

On the 15th of January 2019, the 2nd annual International STEM Youth Innovation Competition was officially opened at a ceremony at London’s prestigious Royal Institution (Ri). The British International Education Association (BIEA) alongside its partner, the Born Free Foundation (BFF) announced the competition before an audience made up of educators, STEM professionals, members of industry and invited