Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How does the age category apply?

The student will be in the team reflecting the age they will be at the end of the UK academic year, ie. 31st August 2019. For example, if he/she will be 12 by then, he/she will be in the 12-14 age category.

Can I form a team with members from multiple schools?

Members in the same team must be of the same school.

I have registered interest in the competition but I still have not received any materials.

Upon registration, you should have received a confirmation email with the application form and competition pack. Meanwhile, in case there is any error, please notify us at if you have not received it. Please be reminded that the entry form must be submitted by the teacher to by the 31st March 2019.

How to reimburse the 100GBP funds for the second round?

The cost of your drone will be reimbursed to your team at the end of the competition. It is important that you keep to the budget and retain the receipts. We aim to process the claim within 28 days of receiving the completed claim form (blank claim form will be sent after 4 July).

How should I submit our videos?

You should submit the video to If the file is too large, please send us a link on where you have stored it.